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Yann Moix

Le Nouveau Magazine Littéraire - Press illustration

"Never without family"

The fall looks like a good time to settle scores at home. From Yann Moix to Olivier Adam by the way
by Lionel Duroy, parents do not come out of it grown up.
What is a memory? Is it a moment from the past that we remember, or is it a fraction of the subjective present, a pinhead of time on which the being in balance reinvents itself?

Extract :
“The world was rusting. Behind the window, it was autumn. The air was turning yellow. Something inevitable was unfolding outside: the death of things. " Yann Moix describes himself here in his school
kindergarten, her consciousness floating between the classroom and the courtyard across the window. "In the classroom, lit by sizzling neon lights, I experienced, in the mouth, or more accurately in the back of the palate, a taste of almond and shelter."

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