e n g l i s h f r a n ç a i s
i n s t a g r a m f a c e b o o k s h o p l i n k e d i n
l-espieglerie-riso-illustration-kids-nantes-sarah-nyangue-saratoustra l-espeglerie-cadre-a3-illustration-riso-sarah-nyangue-saratoustra

The Mischief

  • Risography

  • Collection : Kids

  • Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm

  • Printed on Munken Print White paper 150gr

  • Published in 20 copies

  • Numbered and signed by the artist

  • Handmade

  • Sold without the frame

"KIDS" is a serie of children's portraits that I have met in the course of my life, my travels, but also in my daydreams. They were initially made with graphite pencil on sketchbooks.

For the little story : this mischievous little girl is called Erika. I had the chance to meet her sparkling little eyes during my first trip in Cameroon.

Copyright Sarah Nyangué 2020