e n g l i s h f r a n ç a i s
i n s t a g r a m f a c e b o o k s h o p l i n k e d i n
la-corde-sensible-serigraphie-cadre-musique-illustration-nantes-sarah-nyangue-saratoustra la-corde-sensible-serigraphie-illustration-nantes-sarah-nyangue-saratoustra

The heartstrings

  • Silkscreen printing

  • Collection : From the darkness the fireflies will flow

  • Dimensions: 35cm x 50cm

  • Munken Print Cream Paper 300g

  • Published in 20 copies

  • Numbered and signed by the artist

  • Handmade

  • Sold without the frame

"If you hear her singing one day,
You will touch the soul of the world

The guitar woman sings of drylands
and gazes of fire

She tells the tale of the floods that once only allowed the crown of giants to dawn.

It's by her sweet melody, that she embraces our sorrows and rocks our melancholy."

©Copyright Sarah Nyangué 2020