e n g l i s h f r a n ç a i s
i n s t a g r a m f a c e b o o k s h o p l i n k e d i n
certains-avaient-la-peau-bleue1-cadre-serigraphie-illustration-nantes-monochrome-sarah-nyangue-saratoustra certains-avaient-la-peau-bleue-1-serigraphie-art-illustration-nantes-sarah-nyangue-saratoustra

The blue skin - I

  • Silkscreen printing

  • Collection : Some of them had blue skin

  • Dimensions: 29.7cm x 42cm

  • Printed on white art paper 250g

  • Published in 13 copies

  • Numbered and signed by the artist

  • Handmade

  • Sold without the frame

At the beginning: A blue rectangle on a white background. White lines join in places. An enigmatic face gradually takes shape and seems to split into two faces with scrutinizing faces.
Then, a circular shape at the top left seems to evoke a piece of sun.
At the bottom right, three lines that undulate like waves intrude.

In my opinion, this series retraces the enigmatic male that we discover dreamy, pensive, feverish, defiant or sometimes ardent. Those who had blue skin transported us, once upon a time, to other places.

Copyright Sarah Nyangué 2020