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Sartre & Foucault

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"From Sartre to Foucault, how did we think of the 20th century?"

From the prophetic exaltation of 1945 to the end of history in 1989, François Dosse traces the journey of great French intellectuals.

Excerpt :
It's a story that begins with certainties and ends with doubt. Ideology has given way to deconstruction; the great stories, with fragmented knowledge; the clear horizon, to a diffuse presentism. In today's world of what we will call "disillusioned," if one is optimistic, "disenchanted," if one is less, thoughts and their lineages have frayed. So that it is not easy to trace the thread of a philosophical heritage. Yet this is what historian François Dosse has tried to do by writing a "Saga of French intellectuals", published in two volumes: "A test of history. 1944-1968 "and" The Future in Crumbs. 1968-1989 ”.

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