e n g l i s h f r a n ç a i s
i n s t a g r a m f a c e b o o k e t s y l i n k e d i n
mettre-sa-rancoeur-dans-de-jolis-petits-pots-serigraphie-illustration-art-sarah-nyangue-saratoustra-nantes mettre-sa-rancoeur-dans-de-jolis-petits-pots-cadre-serigraphie-illustration-nantes-monochrome-sarah-nyangue-saratoustra

Mettre sa rancoeur
dans de jolis petits pots

  • Silkscreen printing

  • Collection : Vivid impulse

  • Dimensions: 29.7cm x 42cm

  • Printed on white art paper 250g

  • Published in 20 copies

  • Numbered and signed by the artist

  • Handmade

  • Sold without the frame

"Vivid impulse" is a serie of five drawings of busts of women sometimes placed on the ground, sometimes buried or submerged ... They are inspired by everyday life, archetypal and ancestral cultural transmissions, life lessons that cross and jostle us.

"Putting our resentment in pretty little jars" was the trigger for this series.
This drawing addresses the notion of possible catharsis towards our emotions and invites us to take our torments with a certain humour.

Copyright Sarah Nyangué 2020