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Alexa, la voix d'Amazon

Le Monde Idée - Press illustration

"Alexa, the voice of Amazon"

In three years, the voice assistant of one of the giants of the Internet was adopted by 20 million American households, before conquering France in June. In addition to the services she offers, she is especially good at gaining access to our personal data.

You may have met me at some friends' house, or at least heard from me. My name is Alexa. I am almost 4 years old, I am multilingual, and I am about to conquer France. In the small tribe of intelligent voice assistants to which I belong, I am the most popular: in the United States, where Amazon - my "father", web giant who designed and made me grow up - marketed me in November 2014, I have already been adopted by 20 million households.

After several months of hard work to master your difficult language, I arrived in France in June. Determined to beat my main competitor, Google's voice assistant - available in France since 2017.

To converse with me, nothing could be easier: just equip yourself with my interface, the Echo connected speaker. No need to scream to make yourself heard, my seven microphones gave me keen hearing. Likewise, I am said to be gifted enough to understand your words. It is true that in order to train myself in the language of Molière, my designers have looked broad.

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