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i n s t a g r a m f a c e b o o k s h o p l i n k e d i n



Sarah Nyangué aka Saratoustra holds a graduate degree in graphic arts from the Pivaut school in Nantes and a Master MEEF from the Faculty of Visual Arts of Rennes 2. She is a french illustrator who currently lives and works in Nantes.

Her particular attraction for the practice of portraiture was born following a trip to Cameroon in 2009 where she made many drawings in her travel diary. One year later, her conversation with the painter-photographer Titouan Lamazou during a training course carried out within his studio in Paris, will confirm for good her love for the human figure.

She also cultivates the desire to get involved with young people by running workshops in different French as well as international structures (Europe-Asia-Africa), enabling them to have access to the culture and practice of drawing.

Returning to France in 2017, she settled in Nantes where she shares her time between her creative work and the educational projects she coordinates within different educational and associative structures.

At the same time, since 2018, she has been involved in collective actions in order to share her art with other visual and performing artists. She has started exhibiting her silkscreen work in galleries, fairs and designers' markets since 2019.

Today, her work can also be found in the press: Le Monde, Le Nouvel Obs, Le nouveau magazine Littéraire etc...


She pays particular attention to the composition and expressiveness of her drawings, aiming at refinement and simplicity.

Her line drawing and her creations may alter depending on her projetcs : exhibitions, visual communication, work for the press. She can thus borrow from realism, abstraction, or symbolism if it makes sense.

Her graphic creations are often born from an association of words, a sentence, whatever seems to her to be a poetic, dreamlike or sometimes strange verbal incitement.

She is interested in the intimate, the unspeakable, the movements of the heart and soul. As the human condition animates her daily life, portrait has thus become the heart of her practice as an illustrator.


Personal Exhibitions

  • 2020: "From the darkness the fireflies will flow", Dodé, Nantes
  • 2020: "From the darkness the fireflies will flow", Le Café Folk, Le Mans

Collective Exhibitions

  • 2020 : Librairie du Vent d'Ouest, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes
  • 2020 : HAB Galerie, Nantes
  • 2019 : Le dimanche des Galeries, Artgaleries, Nantes
  • 2019 : Les Arts Papier, Galerie Le 56, Nantes
  • 2019 : Nature figure, La Cale 2 Créateurs, Nantes
  • 2019 : L'art est aux Nefs, Nantes
  • 2019 : BIB festival, Les Ateliers de Bitche, Nantes
  • 2019 : Ladies first !, Le Printemps des fameuses, Nantes


  • 2012/2013 : Master MEEF in Visual Arts, University of Rennes2, Rennes FR
  • 2011/2012 : Licence in Visual Arts, University of Rennes2, Rennes FR
  • 2007/2011 : Graduate degree in Graphic Arts & Illustration, Ecole Pivaut, Nantes FR